I discover my art through the influence of my imaginative childhood in Vermont, where I grew up, and through influences such as Julie Taymor, Alice in Wonderland, Godzilla and the colors of Southwestern art. My art evolves as it is created. Along the way, the piece takes on its own energy. I must listen to that energy. The piece knows what it needs to look like most times and I simply allow my hands to go where they are told.

What I enjoy most is the process of “giving birth” to the piece – it is still an amazing feeling when a piece is finished – knowing it started with a shape that then takes on its identity. In addition, the colors are extremely important in expressing my intent. I express energy through color and form.

A lot of the pieces tell a story for me – the space ship is an influence of my childhood and being fascinated with aliens and science fiction. It is important that I share the fascination, that excitement of wondering what is out there in the world, in the universe.

The dragon is symbolic in mythology – the guardian of great treasures – of wealth and knowledge. We all need a dragon in our lives – the being that guards our magic and essence. Don’t mess with the dragon.

I don’t expect any of my work to be taken too seriously. We already take things much too seriously in this crazy world of ours. My goal or hope is that what comes across in my work is the need for magic, fun, and playfulness – with a bit of an edge to it so as not to lose total touch with reality.

Some of my greatest influences are from comic books and really bad Godzilla monster movies. As a child, they were my childhood escapes from the chaos that surrounded me. As an artist, they are my muses. My art is an expression of the excitement and anxiety I see in the world. My hands are most comfortable when sculpting.

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